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Don't have an instrument or art materials? No problem! We will provide you with all the materials you’ll need to get started for rent-to-own for just $5/week. 

Guitars, ukuleles, basses

All of our rental instruments go through a quality inspection by our team of set up technicians.

All materials will be brought to you by your teacher!

All rentals are available as rent-to-own for $5/week. When you set up your first lesson, just let us know what you’ll need and we'll bring them to you!

Art supplies


   If you are a drawing student, we can provide the following materials: draw grade pencils, quality paper pads

      Acrylic: For our acrylic painting students we can supply up to 5 medium sized canvases, 5 tubes of essential acrylic paint colors and various brushes


*All of our stock materials are of a medium/beginner grade. These materials and brands were chosen based off of quality and low price. If you decide you want a higher grade instrument or set of art materials, let us know and we’ll see about getting them for you! Your teacher can also give you great suggestions for how and where to acquire them as well

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